What do we provide you?

Welcome to CRISIS SUPPORT, the leading firm in the Middle East and North Africa region, specializing in crisis management. So to support you as well as we have to do, we propose to the states, regional councils, municipalities, official institutions, companies, businessmen, and any organization or person in crisis, or anxious to face it, the following :

* The conception and the institution of the entities in charge of the crisis management(We are able to provide you the hall package or just parts of it):

-architectural design of crisis management headquarters, with different offices and crisis cell.

-Personnel recruitment.

-Personnel training.

–  Decision-making tools providing: Hardware and software(including training).

-specific crisis management (Taking your crisis management from A to Z): We can manage the crisis in your choice.

-Crises worldwide watch.

-Latest Researches on specific crises: We can provide you the latest researches on the crises of your choice.

-Organize seminars and academic activities: We are tied by corporation agreements with many universities and research centers.

-Watching reports on countries, economic activities, catastrophes…

Any personal, or special, request is welcome. The answer is given in 48 hours.

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